Trump & Kremlin Airplane Together in Washington DC After the Debate

Trump & Kremlin Airplane Together in Washington DC After the Debate
Alexander Balykin / Riley Bertoia

Thanks to an article by Ben Schlappig over at One Mile at a Time, we have some clarity on why Russia sent two of their airplanes to Washington, DC this week. One of those airplanes, RA-96018 - an Ilyushin Il-96 - flew from Moscow to NYC and then on to Washington Dulles on 6/27. That airplane is still on the ground at the time of writing.

At 11:25pm after last night's debate in Atlanta, the famous Boeing 757 airplane of Donald Trump (N757AF) departed Hartsfield-Jackson from runway 8R and headed to the northeast. After about an hour and fifteen minutes, the airplane touched down 12:38am local time and parked on the apron pictured below which adjacent his landing runway away from the passenger terminals.

The red pin indicates where Trump's plane and the Russian plane are parked at Dulles

Landing images from the Kremlin airplane and the Trump airplane showing where they parked

Why is Trump in Washington? Why is his airplane parked so close to this Russian aircraft? Is this just a coincidence, or is there something more happening behind the scenes? Could this proximity suggest a secret meeting or a significant development in international relations? The timing and location raise intriguing questions that demand answers.