Tracking the Aircraft of American Political Megadonors

I’m beginning down a rabbit hole about tracking aircraft related to those closest to 2024 presidential candidates and I decided to make a new set of filters in the RadarAtlas chrome extension.

Republican megadonors that have flown between 3/20/24 - 3/21/24

There are numerous lists online that have kept track of the largest donors, but this idea spans a bit further than that. I want to include people who are also in each candidate's circles regardless of financial donation.

As a starting point, I'm working off a list from Their list details the top 100 donors but that was from 2022. I've moved the data into Google Sheets and opened it up for anyone to edit. If you have a suggestion for whose aircraft I should research and add to the list and ultimately the chrome extension, please add it. Remember, I'm looking for people in a candidate's orbit, not necessarily a megadonor.

Edit the sheet here:

Below are the people I have found and already added to the chrome extension, which by the way is already updated with the latest dataset on the Chrome Web Store. You can install it with this link.