Possible Jon Rahm recruitment flights

Possible Jon Rahm recruitment flights

Little bit of speculation below, but what else is new...?

There's many rumors flying around today about Jon Rahm joining the LIV Golf Tour. This coming (via WSJ) just weeks after much heavier speculation from Xitter accounts all over.

If you read my post earlier in the year about flights regarding the PGA/LIV merger, you'd know there are a few airplanes to look at when talking about PGA, LIV, and PIF news.

Those planes are:

  • N650XA - A 2016 Gulfstream registered to Aramco (US FAA registered but typically based in Saudi Arabia)
  • N604JJ - a 2005 Bombardier CL600. Per the FAA, this plane belongs to Jimmy Dunne (as well as Dock Street Capital, LLC)

On October 19th, Jimmy Dunne flew to Scottsdale where Rahm and his family live. This was the week of the Zozo Championship, a tournament in which Jon Rahm did not compete. Track that flight here: https://globe.adsbexchange.com/?icao=a7d6ec&lat=22.518&lon=-101.877&zoom=4.1&showTrace=2023-10-19

Then on November 15th, the managing director of the PIF flew to Scottsdale. This was the week of the RSM Classic, a tournament in which Jon Rahm did not compete. Track that flight here: https://globe.adsbexchange.com/?icao=a88ec8&lat=-20.026&lon=-62.903&zoom=2.0&showTrace=2023-11-15

This PIF-related flight is significant in my eyes because just a few days later, the speculative Jon Rahm to LIV Golf news started to hit the internet. Alan Shipnuck made a tweet 7 days later that Phil Mickelson called Rahm's defection a "Done Deal". https://twitter.com/AlanShipnuck/status/1727398583962624315

Interesting timing! One quick disclaimer: As you know, tracking planes is just that - the identification of an airplane. We don't have manifests of the flights to know who was on board.