Tracking 2023 Masters / Augusta Flights

Tracking 2023 Masters / Augusta Flights
The Masters, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I intend to use this post to track big names in and out of Augusta, GA for the 2023 Masters Tournament. Always an exciting time of year for me as a golf fan and an aviation fan/tracker.

As a reminder, you can install the RadarAtlas Chrome Extension from the link here. You can track lots of groups of people - athletes, businesses, world leaders, and many more.

Using my own extension, I noticed that as we are a week out from the start of the tournament, a big name has already been for a practice round - Rory McIlroy (N585RM ->

Rory McIlroy flew to Augusta, GA on 3/30/23 around 8am and was back in Florida around 6pm

Update: Friday 3/31:

Here's the Sunday arrivals - 4/2/23. There were lots and lots of charters, NetJets, VistaJet, FlexJet, etc that aren't included in this list.