Russian Oligarch Update

Russian Oligarch Update
Where are the Russian oligarchs two months later?

It's been several weeks since I initially tracked a decent sized list of oligarchs fleeing Russia. Putin's invasion of Ukraine caused eventual sanctions on a sweeping list of people strangling assets all over the world.

First and foremost, I want to apologize again for my abrupt removal of the original blog post and data. The reason for that was because some of the research I made looking into a few of the oligarchs led to bad data. I pride myself on my work and integrity and I wanted to right that wrong. Well, I'm back now. I've changed the name of the Chrome extension, this blog, and the Twitter account. It is all known as RadarAtlas now.

Earlier today I was curious where the Russian oligarchs' jets and helicopters were. I know that Jack Sweeney made that cool bot that updates in real time when an oligarch takes off or lands, but I wanted to compile a list updating their last flights and last known locations. Full disclosure here: this list is only listing where the particular aircraft that is associated with them is located - there's no way to know if the person is onboard a particular aircraft.

Let's just dive in. The list was originally compiled by me and was later curated and updated by my friend Jack Sweeney and the team of admins and moderators on Jack's Discord server. The current list of oligarchs and their jets with registration numbers and ICAO ID's is below:

Alright. Let's get into it!

  1. Alexey Mordashov - M-YSSF. This aircraft last flew on 3/5/22 and wound up in Moscow. It hasn't moved since. Track It.
  2. Alexey Mordashov - VP-CMF. This is a helicopter. The last flight that I could find was on 3/9/22 in the Seychelles archipelago. Track it.
  3. Alisher Usmanov - M-IABU. This one last flew on 2/28/22 and ended up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Track it.
  4. Alisher Usmanov - LX-GLX. This is another one of Usmanov's aircraft. It last flew on 4/2/22 and is currently in Astana, Kazakhstan. Track it.
  5. Arkady Rotenberg - M-MAVP. This is one of several oligarchs whose planes are in Dubai. It landed there on 3/12/22 and has been there since. Track it.
  6. Dmitry Mazepin - M-INSK. This plane is in Moscow where it has been since 2/27/22. You can track it here.
  7. Dmitry Rybolovlev - M-KATE. This one is a big reason this update exists. I saw this one take off and land yesterday, 4/16/22 in Dubai. Before that it was in St. Johns/Bahamas since 2/17/22. Track the latest flight here.
  8. Eugene Shvidler - LX-FLY. No recent flights. This is the first one on the list that I couldn't find a record of. For the ones I couldn't find, I looked back as far as January 2022.
  9. Len Blavatnik - N761LE. Len will probably never be sanctioned. Many online lists consider him an oligarch, however he is an American business executive with dual citizenship. Regardless, a few different aircraft are associated with Blavatnik. This one last flew to the Bahamas on 4/15/22. Track it here.
  10. Len Blavatnik - N737LE. Another of Len's jets that is in a beautiful place. This one is in St. Maarten and arrived on 4/13/22. See the flight path here.
  11. Len Blavatnik - N777UK. No recent flights.
  12. Len Blavatnik - N600EB. This one has a pretty constant presence on the map in CONUS. This flight path on 4/11/22 was around the NY/Washington DC/Philadelphia/Newburgh areas. It was a multi-stop kind of day. See for yourself here.
  13. Leonid Mikhelson - N650GL. No recent flights.
  14. Linnik Brothers - T7-MVA. Last seen in Moscow on 3/1/22. It looks like the transponder was activated, but the plane didn't seem to depart. All that to say, it hasn't moved since one day prior on 2/28. See here.
  15. Lukoil/Vagit Alekperov - VP-CLS. This one is in Bordeaux, France. There are a couple planes on this list in France, but this is the only one in this region. It arrived on 4/15/22. Track it.
  16. Lukoil/Vagit Alekperov - VP-CLO. This one is in Moscow where it has been since 3/18/22. See here.
  17. Lukoil/Vagit Alekperov - VP-CLZ. The first on the list to be mentioned as being in the Basel/French Alsace region. It has been there since 2/28/22 and hasn't moved. See here.
  18. Mikhail Prokhorov - M-RBUS. Another one in the Basel/French Alsace region. This one since 3/3/22. Track it.
  19. Oleg Deripaska - M-AKAR. This is a helicopter. It last flew on 2/23/22 and appeared to be approaching Sweden when either the transponder was deactivated or it just left a coverage area. You can see that flight here.
  20. Oleg Deripaska - M-URKA. Another helicopter. No recent flights.
  21. Oleg Tinkov - M-TINK. No recent flights.
  22. Roman Abmramovich - P4-BDL. One of several planes associated with Abramovich. This one is in Dubai and hasn't moved since 3/4/22. See that last flight here.
  23. Roman Abmramovich - LX-GVI. No recent flights.
  24. Roman Abmramovich - LX-RAY. This one is in Moscow where it hasn't moved since 3/15/22. See that last flight here.
  25. Roman Abmramovich - LX-LUX. Yet another Abramovich-associated plane. This one is in Riga, Latvia where if landed on 2/27/22 and hasn't moved since. See here.
  26. Roman Abmramovich - M-SOLA. This is a helicopter. The last time it flew was on 2/28/22 in the St. Johns/Bahamas area. I haven't seen anything since. See that last flight here.
  27. Roman Abmramovich - P4-MES. The last of the Abramovich aircraft. This one is in the Basel/French Alsace region. It landed there on 2/25/22 and hasn't moved. See the flight here.  
  28. Suleiman Kerimov - VP-BBW. No recent flights.
  29. Viktor Vekselberg - P4-MIS. Another one in the Basel/French Alsace area. This one landed on 2/25/22 and hasn't moved since. See it here.
  30. Vladimir Potanin - OE-LUC. Formerly the wealthiest Russian, worth somewhere around $25B. This aircraft is in Moscow and hasn't left. The last time it flew was on 2/17/22. See that flight here.
  31. Vladimir Potanin - OE-IPE. No recent flights.
  32. Yevgeny Prigazh - M-ABEC. The last one on the list. This aircraft is in Dubai. It flew there on 3/3/22 and hasn't moved. See here.