Tracking America's Billionaires (and their Corporations)

So you're curious about tracking airplanes or maybe you're just curious who that jet that's flying overhead belongs to. Usually if you live in a big city the airplanes overhead are commercial airliners. If you live in a popular destination, sometimes those planes could belong to a billionaire. But how would you know? I wanted to make it easy to track America's billionaires and their corporations and this post should do just that.

I wanted to share a post for tracking the wealthiest Americans - the richest person from each US State. In some cases, the planes listed below are a single person who's wealthy and only has one airplane. However in most cases, the richest person in a State has typically made their wealth through a company that they've started and sometimes these companies have multiple aircraft. In this case, I've included the multiple aircraft. I wanted the list to be comprised of legit data and not guesswork. Also, you'll note that not ever state is listed. Not every state has a billionaire. Even with the research I've done to compile this list, I want to emphasize, as always, that it's possible that I'm wrong. If I've made a mistake in my research, please reach out to me directly:

As a side note, tracking all of these people will be available as a one-click button in the next version of the RadarSpots Chrome Extension.

Available soon in the RadarSpots Chrome Extension

Before we get into it, let's talk about the data and research. I based this project on the Forbes 2021 Billionaires list. I realize it's 2022 now, but Forbes is the Gold Standard when it comes to making lists about billionaires. In my research, I learned that some people just don't use private aircraft, or live such private lives that searching for them turned up nothing. With the Forbes list, I was able to find aircraft of people/companies from 27 states. The remaining states included people that fell into the category of not having private aircraft, or leading such private lives that I couldn't find anything. In a select few cases, I have included the next wealthiest for that state. However, in an effort to not go down an unnecessary rabbit hole, the list will stand as is.

America's Billionaires

Some of the people in the list are well-known jet owners. Elon Musk is one. Jeff Bezos is another. Those were easy to find with some data I have on file cross referenced with online sources. Many of these people are the heads of companies. For the people that run companies, I've had success finding the aircraft associated with them by cross referencing the address of their corporate HQ with SEC data or by doing reverse searches with the FAA.

Onto the good stuff! I'll include a list of the states below, each with the person associated with it. I'll add the data source/search method that I used to determine the ownership as well as a link to track that particular aircraft. At the bottom of this list, you'll see a link to see them all on the map at the same time. A huge thanks and shoutout to those folks is always in order. ADSBexchange is the best aircraft tracker on the web. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, so if you have an issue with the data I'm about to list, please reach out to me directly.

And finally if you want to see everyone at the same time, you can hit the link below. Keep in mind, if a plane is gray, it means it's on the ground. If a plane shows up at all, it has flown in the past 24 hours, but it's not necessarily in the air right now.,a88d00,a0a184,a0da06,a00273,a0db63,a102e2,a015eb,a015e8,ab2404,acc5b7,a571a0,a0672f,a4ff61,a326ca,a63b03,ad8a47,a4d979,ac346d,aafc2c,a64e53,a54efc,a31c42,a4a991,aadecd,a956e9,a97e68,a0fb13,4240dd,4248d9,a3ad24,a3b0db,a3b492,a3b849,a4677a,a794ab,a921fa,ac2a05,ac352a,ac404f,ad8c37,adc9e7,addb35,a00382,a36c5a,a521f8,a5bf2c,a63665,a7c3b4,aadd32,aa43e0,aa43e7,aa43ea,aa43eb,aa43ee,aa43f1,a1930e,a63eb2,ac7037,a7da0f,a63afb,a16693,a1452b,a0029b,a7fb5a,a90190,abedab,abee27,a835af,a2aa92,a6cf38,a6d8ff,a6f6b7,a6fa6e,a73322,a736d9,a7898e,a78d45