We've rebranded....again

Hi. Today is 4/5/22. In the past 2 years, my Google Chrome extension has rebranded a couple of times. This blog is only 2 months old and has already changed names twice as well. The purpose of this post is to provide a little clarity on today's name change.

The Chrome extension, blog, and Twitter account need to have the same name for branding reasons. The first name I used for the extension was ADSBx Add-On. Not a very cute name and it was overly technical. I dropped the 'x' probably in early 2021 to be just ADSB Add-On. This lasted for a while. In these days I was tweeting my findings from my personal account, but I soon realized that I needed to work on branding.

In 2022, I decided to start a blog and a Twitter account for publishing all the cool things I've found using my Chrome extension and from just playing around on the adsbexchange map. I changed to RadarSpots. I bought the domain, I snagged that Twitter handle. I thought it was a decent name - I use the radar map to spot the aircraft.

Then I got a ton of recognition from publications worldwide for tracking Tiger Woods as he made his way to Augusta, GA for an unannounced practice round. The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and several golf sites wrote about the tweets I made that day. Some of these journalists spelled the account correctly as RadarSpots, but there were several that spelled it as RadarSports. Then in coming days, it just got worse. I pride myself on spotting and tracking all aircraft, not just sports figures and athletes.

That's where today's rebrand comes in the picture. I've decided to ditch the word Spots, instead favoring the word Atlas. We are now RadarAtlas. The domain has been secured; the old domain is forwarding to the new domain; we have the Twitter account; the Chrome extension will take a couple of days to update, but this name is here to stay.

I think this will be a good change. Thanks for sticking with me through all this!