China Eastern 737 crashes; grounds 737s

China Eastern 737 crashes; grounds 737s
ADSBexchange screenshot of the airplane that eventually crashed in China

Here's an image of the China Eastern Airlines 737 family of their fleet. Scroll down to see links to track these. UPDATE: As of 3/22/22, they're all grounded.

I learned this morning that China Eastern Airlines was grounding all of their Boeing 737-800/NG aircraft. I learned this before I learned of the crash that was carrying 133 people. I decided to do a little digging into China Eastern and see how big their fleet was and how big their 737 fleet size was compared to the rest of their fleet.

The crashed plane was flight MU5864 scheduled for 3/21/2022 from Chongqing to Kunming, a daily route for the airline. This flight had a distance of around 391mi/630km as the crow flies.

It’s unclear at this time specifically which 737 models will be grounded. As always, I won’t claim that my database is perfect, but here’s what I do have on file for China Eastern:

Here’s a list of all the ICAO24 hex ID’s:

Track this fleet of China Eastern’s 737s here:,780c5f,7bb119,78055a,78055b,7802a1,7805bc,78055c,78066b,780dba,780adc,7804af,78092a,780559,78034a,780465,780b16,78092b,7803ec,780cd6,780e7e,780791,78064f,7804f4,7805da,780059,7803eb,780e7d,780bab,7807d7,780c60,7bb073,7bb07b,7bb072,781141,781142,781232,781045,780457,781016,781213,781018,78124a,781019,781043,781017,7811b6,781231,780638,780906,780607,780651,780d20,780b2d,780cad,780b2b,780b81,780f6c,780cd8,780d21,7805be,780add,780ec0,780b2c,7809c2,7805bf,7802db,780f30,780db8,780cd7,7800ab,780b17,780ff9,78066c,780dd8,780650,780b18,780d9a,780fbf,780652,780890,780b82,78092c,780c4c,780fc0,780e7f,780f6d,780ee3,7804c3,781044,780af7,780bac,780db9,780db6,780f2e,780af8,780bad,7805f0,780f4b,780905,78066d,780d99,780dd9,7805ef,780db7,780cab,780d9b,780f2f,780871