The aircraft of the Sun Valley Conference

Today, July 5th, 2022 began the Sun Valley Conference in southern Idaho. This is a yearly summit attended by the world's wealthiest and most influential people. Among the invitees for the 2022 session include Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and countless others.

The airport used by these billionaires is Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN/KSUN) in Hailey, ID.

If you use the RadarAtlas Chrome Extension, you'd be able to see the following aircraft on the map coming and going for the conference. Later in this post, I'll highlight some other aircraft I saw on the map using the ADSBexchange replay feature. There were a bunch of Netjets, Flexjet, and other charters that I am not including in this list.

Let's dive in:

Ok so those above are the ones found using the RadarAtlas interesting filters. Here's other aircraft I found coming and going using the Adsbx replay feature:

  1. Run Away LLC / N800DL
  2. WCA Holdings 1 LLC / N166WC
  3. Rigi Inc / N310AF
  4. Duquesne Global LLC / N97DQ
  5. N824TM LLC / N824TM
  6. 711 Cody / N588NG
  7. 711 Cody / N550GW
  8. Clay Lacy Aviation / N298AL
  9. TVPX Solutions / N27LX
  10. 314 LLC / N747JJ
  11. Wilmington Trust / N533GV
  12. Bank of Utah Trustee / N685DC
  13. TVPX Solutions / N88C
  14. Jacksons Food Stores / N872J
  15. DJC Two LLC / N245DJ
  16. LMP III LLC / N814LL (Ted Leonsis)
  17. PCSA 1 LLC / N3975A