RadarAtlas + NAARMO

RadarAtlas + NAARMO

If you're reading this, you're either a follower of this blog or a fan of the RadarAtlas Chrome Extension. Possibly both. I'm writing this post to shed light on the most recent update of the RadarAtlas Extension. In v8.6.0 which was released today, each time you click on an airplane's registration number, we're querying both the Opensky database as well as the FAA NAARMO database.

I've been using the Opensky database in the extension for years now. The version I had been using for the past 1-2 years was outdated and needed a refresh. The NAARMO database is something I stumbled on in the past 6-7 months and it has been something I've referenced almost daily since. What NAARMO is and what they do gets pretty technical, and honestly I don't care about any of that.

The important part of this database is that it uncovers a lot of ownership data that is otherwise unavailable. Many aircraft owners hide their registration details under a trust, business name, or bank but with the NAARMO database, that information is commonly available.

Just one example of how data is shrouded or exposed based on where you look is by viewing N888DQ. This plane is currently flying out of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Looking at the normal FAA database (not the NAARMO one) as well as the Opensky database, you'll see that the plane is registered to TVPX Aircraft Solutions. But if you look in the NAARMO database, you'll see that it is registered to Raincoast Alliance Inc.

Here's what this data would look like in the RadarAtlas extension. If you've selected that plane from the map, simply clicking the registration number in the left pane will temporarily expose some data from the top that shows the registered owner by database. If it's in both, it will show you.

Finally, it's been a while since I've screen recorded some features in the extension. Here's an updated view: