Marc Benioff: 63k Miles in 60 Days

Marc Benioff: 63k Miles in 60 Days
The rough mileage/routes (63,000 miles) for the past ~60 days of Marc Benioff's Gulfstream G650 jet

Salesforce is joining other tech giants by laying off 8,000 people from its workforce.

Salesforce lays off 8,000 staff - 1/4/23

At the helm of Salesforce is Marc Benioff. Benioff owns a 2019 Gulfstream G650 - N650HA - that travels frequently between the Bay Area, CA and Hawaii. Sometimes further travel to the South Pacific. A rough ballpark estimation for the below flights is in the neighborhood of $810,000/54,000 gallons of jet fuel. Was Marc definitively on each of these flights? Nobody knows the answer to that question. If you want to track Marc's plane yourself, feel free to install the RadarAtlas chrome extension, navigate to, and simply click on the "Tech Billionaires" filter button on the right side of the screen.  

Let's take a look at just the past 2 months, starting November 4th, 2022:

  1. November 6th, 2022: a flight from San Francisco, CA to Kona, Hawaii.

2. November 7th, 2022: the return flight from Kona to San Francisco:

3. November 9th, 2022: a trip from San Francisco to Kona:

4. November 10th, 2022: the return trip from Kona back to San Francisco:

5. November 13th, 2022: a trip from San Francisco to Kona, Hawaii:

6. November 14th, 2022: the return trip from Kona back to San Francisco:

7. November 16th, 2022: a trip to Kona and starting back to San Francisco on the same day:

8. November 17th, 2022: the completed leg back to San Francisco:

9. November 27th, 2022: A first leg of travel between San Francisco down to Kona:

10. November 28th, 2022: Landed at Kona; a quick stopover in Kahalui, and then back towards San Francisco:

11. December 1st, 2022: He started his voyage towards Honolulu from San Francisco:

12. December 2nd, 2022: Benioff finished this trip in Kona after landing first in Honolulu:

13. December 5th, 2022: A long trip, this time from Kona direct to Washington / Dulles. This was for a trip which he tweeted about.

14. December 7th, 2022: a quick jaunt up to NY for more office visits/parties:

15. December 9th, 2022: another long trip. This time it was a starting leg between NY and Hawaii:

16. December 10th, 2022: a brief stop in Kona before heading back to San Francisco:

17. December 12th, 2022: another trip from San Francisco to Kona:

18. December 13th, 2022: the return trip from Kona back to San Fran:

19. December 16th, 2022: a "there and back" trip from San Francisco to Kona and back again:

20. December 20th, 2022: the starting leg between San Francisco and the South Pacific:

21. December 21st, 2022: the last leg in the trip down to Papeete French Polynesia:

22. December 27th, 2022: the first leg of a trip from Papeete over to New Zealand:

23. December 28th, 2022: Benioff landed in Auckland, NZ (maybe for a customs type situation) before heading onto Taupo, NZ:

24. December 31st, 2022: Back to Auckland:

25. January 1, 2023: Back to Kona, Hawaii:

26. January 2, 2023: Hawaii back to the Bay Area:

27. January 3rd, 2023: San Fran and then onward down to Long Beach, CA where the plane hasn't moved since: