Biden & Co en route to Europe

Biden & Co en route to Europe
ADSBexchange screenshot of the US President & Staff headed to Europe on 3/23/22

AF1 just took off. Before it was an E4B (doomsday plane). There's also action from two C-32's, a C-40C, and a US Army C-37B  that all appear to be headed in the same direction on the same route.

Biden is traveling to Brussels, Belgium. Thursday he'll attend an emergency NATO meeting with other world leaders; Friday he will be in Poland meeting President Andrzej Duda.


Also to note, it appears the Polish president is en route to Brussels as well, or at least airborne westbound out of Warsaw in the Polish Air Force Gulfstream 5. Track that plane here:

This is a great time to have the RadarSpots Chrome Extension installed. You can track NATO aircraft as well as World Leaders in a single click each. Below is a current look at the NATO planes flying around Europe (as of 9:40am Eastern, 3/23/22):

NATO aircraft airborne on 3/23/22 (taken 9:40am eastern daylight time)

Below is a current look of other world leaders as of 9:43am eastern daylight time:

World Leaders on the map